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I am not your average personal trainer.  I hated all physical activity as a child,  I have a great dislike of most gyms and I do not, and never have had, a six-pack. 

I am the mother to four children, (well, technically 3 adults and 1 child) I have a divorce and a few relationship break ups under my belt and I don't own my own property.

My life is by no means conventional but it has taught me lots of lessons, one of the main ones being, not to judge other people.


I truly believe that this is one of the biggest reasons I have been successful in positively influencing so many women's lives over the last 10 years.

I am a real person.  With the same issues and hang-ups that 40 years+ of life leaves imprinted on any woman.  

My goal as a fitness coach is convincing women who have never exercised or haven't exercised for a while, of the amazing benefits that can be gained from moving our bodies and how committing to gifting yourself time for physical exercise can be life changing.

I teach how to exercise safely and effectively, promoting weight loss, an array of health benefits and probably most importantly, increased confidence.  I provide a unique platform where you can improve your physical and mental wellbeing in a safe, gentle, consistent way, designed to suit you.

I am not a personal trainer. 

I am The Fitness & Wellbeing Coach. 

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