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I am so happy that you have chosen me as your Online Personal Trainer.

Over the next 3 months we will work together closely to make your fitness and nutrition a priority in a realistic, sustainable way. This is not another diet. This is not another fruitless gym membership. I will educate and train you so that you have a complete understanding of why you are doing what I’m asking you to do and how it will get you to reach your goals. This is an ongoing journey designed to grow and evolve with you and your circumstances and if you fully commit to the process, it will not only change your body, but your mind too, so that you no longer feel lost, confused, or demoralised about your relationship with food and exercise again.

So, let’s get started! Please follow the steps below:

1. Once you have purchased the package, please head over to ‘Forms’ on the app and complete the PARQ, Informed Consent, Client Questionnaire & Oxford Happiness Questionnaire. These will take about 30 mins – 1 hour to complete. Please give yourself enough time to fully read and answer the questions asked.

2. Take a look at the ‘Measurements’ section on the app and ensure that you have added these details. You don't have to measure but I will need your weight.

3. Take photos of you from the front, side and back. Please ensure that you take them in the same place in your home, wearing the same clothes/underwear each time you take them.

4. Add your goals. We will discuss this more on our on-boarding call, but it’s a good time to consider what you want to achieve.

5. Add me on Whatsapp on 07833208904 and drop me a message once all the details are up to date and we will get you booked in for your on-boarding call!


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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